Big Five Blackjack

big five blackjack

Big Five Game Table

There are going to be a lot of different Blackjack variants available to play should you opt to use a Microgaming software powered online casino and one such game you will come across is their unique Big Five Blackjack game.

This is a unique Blackjack variant which we have not seen offered at any other online casino using different software platforms and as such it may be of interest to you.

What makes this game unique is that there are a total of five decks of playing cards in the shoe which as is standard are always going to get fully shuffled before any new game starts.

Players are also given the ability of taking Early Surrender when playing Microgaming’s Big Five Blackjack game however this can only be taken when the Dealer is not showing an Ace card.

If you play Big Five Blackjack at any Microgaming powered online casino site and you play it with perfect optimum playing strategy them you will be getting a Blackjack variant which offers a house edge of just 0.47%. See the strategy card below to learn that perfect strategy.

There are two different versions of Big Five Blackjack and these are the Single-Hand version and the Multi-Hand version on which up to five hands per game can be played as in the screenshot above.

Big Five Blackjack Dealer Rules

Just one card is dealt to the Dealer in the initial deal of the cards so this is in effect a no peek game. The Dealer will only get his remaining card or cards dealt to his hand once you have made and completed your playing decisions and betting moves on your hand or hands.

If the Dealer’s hand is worth a Soft 17 hand or anything lower than this in value then the Dealer will Hit those hands.

Player Rules

You need to place at least the minimum required wager to set this Big Five Blackjack game into play and when you do you can then make the following playing moves based on the value of your hand or what cards your hand may contain.

You will be able to Double Down both after Splitting any hand and on any two cards in each hand and Splitting will be allowed up to three times per initial hand dealt.

You can only however split Aces once and only one card is dealt to each Split Ace, any Split Ace being dealt a 10 valued card is classed as a 21 hand only and not a Blackjack hand.

You can take the Early Surrender option if the Dealer is not showing an Ace card and if you have been dealt a hand with two unalike 10 valued cards you can if you wish decide to Split them.

Big Five Blackjack Payouts

Big Five Blackjack has no special bonus type payouts on offer and as such then you are playing it you will be paid out at odds of 3 to 2 for a winning unmatched Blackjack hand, you’ll get 2 to 1 for a winning Insurance wager and even money is paid for every other winning Player’s hand.

Tips for Playing Big Five Blackjack

With a house edge of 0.47% then it will pay to play Microgaming’s Big 5 Blackjack variant perfectly when playing it, if you do not play optimum strategy then you are going to be increasing the house edge of the game which will reduce your overall winning chances.

So let us now tell you how to play certain hand combinations which will be dealt to you from time to time.

If you have a Soft 17 hand then this can be a very tricky hand to play, however to play it perfectly always Hit such a hand unless the Dealer has a 3, 4, 5 or 6 card showing if so then Double Down that hand or Stand that hand if the Dealer’s up facing card is a 7 or 8.

Should a Pair of 8’s have been dealt to you then always Split them unless the Dealer has an Ace in which case you must Hit them, however should the Dealer’s up facing card be a 10 then the correct move to make when playing Big Five Blackjack is for you to Surrender your hand.

big five blackjack strategy card