BetSoft Reinventing the Double-Up Gamble Game

BetsoftGamingLogo2013Finally spinning in one or more winning combinations on the slot game you are playing is something you will want to happen as often as is possible. However, many of the pay table listed winning payouts found on many slot games are so small in value they are hardly worth winning!

That is why when you do play many slot games you will find that as soon as you do spin in a winning payout via a set of matching reel symbols on the pay lines you will often be offered a double up gamble game.

That gamble game is completely optional and as such you are never forced to have to take it, but when you do want to have a chance of increasing the winning payout you just spun in then you simply need to click onto the gamble game button, and the bonus game screen will then launch.

However, sadly the most commonly available gamble games you will come across on many hundreds of different slot games is one on which you are faced with nothing more exciting than guessing if a playing card that is about to be revealed to you will be a black one or a red one, and by guessing correctly your initial base game payout is doubled, guess incorrectly and you will lose that payout!

Whilst you can have varying levels of success when playing off such a bonus game you will find you can quickly get bored of taking it, and it is with that in mind that BetSoft Gaming have chosen to design a brand new range of gamble game features that are a tad more exciting and much more varied than the playing card guessing based gamble games!

Coin Tossing Gamble Game – One new gamble game feature attached to quite a number of BetSoft slots is going to see you having to guess whether a coin will land heads up or tails up after it has been tossed.

This type of gamble game is a fully animated one and as BetSoft Gaming are known for 3D slots the gamble game will certainly be an enjoyable and slightly more interesting one than the playing card guessing game based gamble games!

Dice Rolling Gamble Game – Anther unusual type of gamble game you will find on BetSoft Gaming slots is one based around you rolling a set of dice on the gamble game screen and guessing whether the number that will be rolled in when the up facing sides of the dice are added together will be odd or even.

Guess the Hand Game – One of the most novel of slot game gamble games is one on which you simply have to guess which hand of the onscreen character contains a coin! Much like the above gamble games the outcome of this gamble game is completely random and as such you will have a fair 50/50 chance of picking the right outcome and when you do your initial winnings are doubled!