Best Value Slots Games

Slots games can be a fun way to pass some time and the graphics and bonus features featured in modern online slots are pretty impressive. When you’re playing at an online casino, as well as having some fun, it would be nice to know what your chances of actually winning are and we hope to help you out by giving you some info about hunting down the best value slots!

These are Some of Our Favourite High Paying Slots

Dr Lovemore Slot
Lotto Madness Slot
X Men Slot
A Night Out Slot

How Slots Games Makes a Profit

When online casinos are programmed, they  use a random number generator to decide how the slot reels will fall with each spin. Built into the random number generator is a house edge, so that for every $1 players bet, the slot might return $0.90 and the casino pockets the difference as a fee for hosting your entertainment. Another name for this is the return to player percentage. So in the long run, you spun millions of times, you’d end up with 90% of the money you put in overall. Of course what we all hope when playing slots is that we happen to sit down at the machine just as the game is ready to pay out, so that all of the other poor unfortunates left as losers, and that we’re going to be the big winners.

In traditional brick and mortar casinos, the return to player percentage tends to be very low; maybe even as low as 70%. This is because real live casinos have much higher overheads, and of course less competition than their online counterparts. Competition is fierce online, and players tend to know where they’re getting the best value, so the casinos always try to outdo each other, while still making a profit of course. This means that online slots players can get RTP values of over 95% in some cases.

Microgaming Slots vs. Playtech

It’s quite interesting to look at the various casino operators and the value they offer to their players. The two main casino software providers for non-US players are Microgaming and Playtech, and the power all of the big casinos like 32Red, Bet 365, Spin Palace, and Casino Tropez. The two companies take a differing approaches. Microgaming sets their own percentages which are hard coded into the software and we’ve got our hands on them. The best value Microgaming slot is Alaxe in Zombieland which pays out a massive 98.86%, while the ever popular Avalon is close behind at 96.01%. Tomb Raider 2 is a little bit lower at 95%. The jackpot slots pay out a good amount less, with Mega Moolah paying out a shade over 88% as a chunk of it goes to funding the jackpot that you’ll see displayed on screen.

Playtech slots are a little different. The software lets the individual casino operator set the RTP for each slot themselves. Each casino has the freedom to set this value between 88% and 96% as they see fit.

Real Time Gaming – Slots for US Players

Real Time Gaming is a software provider for casinos that serve US players, such as Bovada. They too allow the operators to pick their own RTP, from a choice of 3. The lowest setting is 91.5% and many of the shadier, smaller casinos offer this percentage by default, however some of the bigger and more respected Real Time casinos such as Bovada will usually offer one of the higher settings which are 95% and 97.5%.