Best Roulette Games

Best Roulette GamesPlaying roulette online will give you access to a huge and very diverse number of different variants of this popular casino table game. With many online casinos offering a a really wide range of Roulette games these days, a novice player may become somewhat confused about how they operate and intimidated by having to learn the options and rules of a particular game that they may not have come across before.

So with this in mind, we have published below our guide to the best Roulette games, not only will we present to you the variants you should be looking to play, but also those which you should never play!

The Good

Double Bonus Spin – This is a very unique Roulette game which is only found online, and what you will notice about it is that in addition to the usual numbered wells located on the wheel, there is an additional well. This is a much larger well, in fact it is one and a half times as big as all of the others, coloured yellow with the word Bonus attached to it instead of the usual numbers found on the betting layout.

How this Roulette game works is that should you be playing the game, and the ball land on this special Bonus position, then a bonus game is triggered. All your bets that you have just placed on that spin, are kept in position on the betting layout and the bonus game will start.

This bonus game involves two lights which spin around the wheel and finally come to a stop on either two separate numbers or these lights could land on one position both together.

You will then get paid out for any bets you have placed on the number or numbers these lights have just spun in on, and as such you get an additional two chances to win each and every time the Bonus position spin in!

European Roulette – One of the more popular Roulette variants and a fairly good option in regards to the games you should be looking to play is the single zero Roulette game. Whilst the house edge on this game is fair and modest it is not the lowest house edge variant.

You will find plenty of betting options available when playing European Roulette and in regards to the stake levels offered, these will vary from casino to casino, so if you are looking to play Roulette on a low budget then find a table and casino offering reduced stake levels.

Pinball Roulette – A very unusual Roulette game, however one that you may quickly warm too, is this Pinball Roulette game, the only difference between this and the above game is in regards to how to ball lands in the number well.

On Pinball Roulette at the foot of the table there is a moving set of ball wells, each containing all of the numbers on the betting layout, this constantly moves from right to left and once the ball is set in motion, it has to work its way down the screen, much like when you are playing a pinball machine.

The ball with then bounce around the layout as it hits randomly positioned pins, and the ball will then finally come to rest in the ball well, any winning bet you have placed will give you the option of gambling it via a unique gambling game, once again involving a pinball type of layout.

3 Wheel Roulette – This game is played with not one single zero Roulette wheel but three of them are in action. These three wheels are all located on a single wheel however, so in effect every time you play this variant you are having to place three bets onto the layout, one for each wheel in play!

The only benefit we can see of playing this Roulette game is that you can win or lose three times quicker than normal! So perhaps not a Roulette game to get too excited about!

Triple Bonus spin – This Roulette game is almost identical to the game located at the top of this list, however it comes with three zeros on the wheel and when the bonus game triggers, which is done in the same way as the Double Bonus Spin variant then three chances of winning instead of two are offered.

French Roulette – The lowest house edge Roulette game you will find most readily on offer online is the French Roulette variant. Whilst almost everything about this game is identical to the European Roulette game, there is one main difference and this all revolves around when a zero spins in.

Depending at which casino you are playing French Roulette at, one of two unique rules kick in, and as such one casino may return to you half of all your even money wagers when a zero spins in, or they will keep those even money wagers in play on the betting layout for the next spin which the Croupier makes of the Roulette wheel.

This unique rule on the French Roulette wheel will result in a tiny house edge game being offered, and as such you should try, if it is available, to stick to playing this French Roulette game online as it offers the best winning chances via the tiny house edge that the game play rules ensures.

The Bad

Mini Roulette – This game is found in Playtech software powered casinos, and whilst many players may find it and decide to give it some playtime, due to there being a much smaller wheel in play, which only contains the numbers one to twelve and one zero, this is a game which should be avoided.

The house edge on this Mini Roulette game really is enormous, which means when you play it your are getting very poor value, and much reduced winning chances!

American Roulette – A double zero wheel is in play on all American Roulette tables, and whilst this variant is readily available at the vast majority of online casinos, the house edge in play is high, due to that extra zero. So alas, this is another Roulette game you should be avoiding!

When a zero does spin in on any base game, then if you have placed a wager on the even money bets, any of them, whether it be the Red or Black positions, the Odd or Even or the High or Low bets, then they will not instantly be losing ones when a zero spins in.