Best Live Dealer Casinos

live dealer casinosChoosing a live dealer casino is simple, but choosing one that offers you the very best of everything is going to be a little harder! However this is why we have dedicated this section of the website to present to you a list of requirements that you should be demanding from any site at which you play.

Make sure that whatever live dealer casino you finally opt to play at ticks all of the right boxes in regards to what you are looking for and never make any compromises in the levels of service you are expecting, there are no shortage of these types of casinos so you have the power of being able to choose to play at the best ones!

If you didn’t know, a live dealer casino does exactly what it says on the can so to speak, and as such you will be playing a diverse range of casino games and instead of playing against a random number generator you will be playing against real life dealers, based in a physical land based gaming venue.

The way in which these live dealer casinos operate is, once again very simple, a real time video stream is broadcast from the land based venue and you are able to track every aspect of the game via this live video feed, whilst wagering on the tables remotely from wherever it is you are logged in from!

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Banking Options and Payouts

One of the qualities of the best live dealer casinos on the internet is not only their ability to process all of your deposits seamlessly but also the time scales in which they pay their winners. So make sure that whichever casino you choose has a large and diverse range of deposit options and also just as many withdrawal options on offer.

You will find the better run and operated live dealer casinos will pay you your winnings with in 24 hours of you actually requesting them (sometimes as quickly as just one hour), and as such if you make a withdrawal by debit card or a web wallet then you should always see those funds paid back to you with a day.

It should be pointed out that the majority of casinos will often require you to supply them with some form of identification, and this is often requested after you make your first withdrawal from that respective casino. So to speed this process up it is advisable to send them the required identification documents when you actually open the account to ensure no delays when it comes to making a cash out!

Also many casinos may offer some of the prepaid types of deposit options, such as Ukash and PaySafeCard and if you have used any of these options to deposit funds into your casino account then you will have to have another withdrawal option on standby when you request a cash out.

Finally make sure whatever live dealer casino you are playing at does not have any maximum cash out rules in force, you will want paying your entire cash out in one go, and never in small weekly payments, so add this requirement to your checklists when choosing a casino at which to play, for if you do not you may be waiting weeks or months to finally get paid all of your winnings should you win big!

Games on Offer

To be perfectly honest there are not a huge amount of live casino games on offer at live dealer casinos, and as such you are only going to find the more commonly played casino card and table games on offer.

These games include games such as Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat, however the variants used at any one particular live dealer casino is going to determine whether you will get a realistic chance of winning or not.

So it is often the game play rules and payouts which you will need to carefully check before you sit down to play at a live dealer casino. Lookout for European or French Roulette variants should it be Roulette games you are looking to play as some casinos only offer the American Roulette game which as many of you know has a huge house edge attached to it, and should be avoided!

If you like playing Blackjack then you will find several different variants on offer at all live dealer casinos, but once again make sure that the game you are thinking of playing boasts the lowest house edge, for if you play a poor paying game then this will quickly eat away at your bankroll and will give you shorter playing sessions and reduced winning chances!

You will often find most live dealer casinos also offer a mix of standard random number generator driven slot machines and additional casino games, however this is probably not going to be of any importance to you unless you like to play these types of casino games.

Bonuses and Comps

Not too much attention needs to be placed on how big the sign up bonuses are at a live dealer casino, these bonuses often come with so many rules that it is often best not to take such bonuses, unless of course you want your money to be tied up in regards to play through requirements before you are permitted to make a withdrawal.

If you are bonus hunting at a live dealer online casino however, then always go through the terms and conditions of any live dealer casino with a fine tooth comb to ensure you know exactly what is expected before you start to play.

Live dealer casino comps however can be a great way to earn additional free cash when playing live casino games for real money, there is always a lot of difference in the rewards given to customers playing at different online casinos, and as such make sure you do some shopping around to find the best deals in regards to these player comps.

Should you wish to simply play for free and get a true feel for any live dealer casino then it is important to ensure these casino do indeed offer a free play log in, and if they do then try a few of the different casinos out, and find one you like the look and feel of!