Best Blackjack Games

Best Blackjack GamesPlaying Blackjack is a little bit art and a little bit science, and whilst there are some players who play for fun or just to pass the time, the majority of us are looking to have not only an enjoyable experience when we sit down to play this popular card game online, but also to have a winning session, and end the day in profit. In this article we’ve laid out the best blackjack games on the internet today.

With so many different casino game designers and software suppliers available you are going to find plenty of different Blackjack variants on offer in the online casino playing environment, and just like any game of chance, the actual odds of you winning will depend on the way the game has been designed in regards to its game play rules, the number of decks in play and therefore the house edge offered.

To give you what we will hope is a sporting chance of having a winning session, below you will find the best Blackjack games available online, these games are listed in order, starting with the lowest house edge Blackjack game found online and then those offering slightly increased house edges.

We have also listed an overview of each game which includes lots of relevant information on how the game is able to achieve its published house edge. Use this guide wisely to help you not only locate where the Blackjack game can be found but also help you pick which variant you should be playing!

Lowest House Edge Blackjack Games

Finding the perfect online Blackjack game to play is easy, simply look through those games listed below, which are from the most popular online casino software providers, and stick to playing only the lowest house edge game offered!

Microgaming’s Classic Blackjack – This Blackjack variant should be right at the top of the list of games you should be playing, it has a tiny house edge of just 0.13%. Using just one single deck the game rules are easy enough to understand, and when playing it the dealer will always stand a soft 17 hand, and you will be able to Double Down on any 9 to 11 valued hand.

Playtech’s Blackjack Switch – Should you like the way that Playtech‘s software works and operates then the one must play Blackjack game you should play is their Blackjack Switch game. It has an unusual playing rule which allows you to swap cards from one hand to another and thanks to this rule this 6 deck Blackjack game boasts a low house edge of just 0.16%.

Microgaming’s Vegas Strip Blackjack – This game is a 4 deck Blackjack variant and with its fairly liberal game play rules, when you play it with perfect strategy, you can expect a house edge of a modest 0.35%. The game is one whereby the dealer will always stand any soft 17 hand, and you can Double Down on any two cards and also Double Down after splitting a hand.

Microgaming’s Vegas Single Deck Blackjack – This is another Blackjack variant found in the gaming suite of Microgaming software powered casinos which boasts a house edge of 0.35%. It offers, as the name of the game obviously implies, just one single deck of cards and the dealer will hit any soft 17 hand, with players being able to Double Down on a 9, 10 or 11 valued hand.

Microgaming’s Atlantic City Blackjack – Named after the City where this game was invented, this particular variant found in Microgaming powered casinos boasts a house edge in the mid range area, that being some 0.36%, this game has a large number of decks in the shoe with there being eight in total. Later Surrender is offered on this Blackjack game.

Playtech’s Pontoon – Whether you consider Pontoon a Blackjack game or not we thought we should include this variant in our listing as it has a house edge of 0.38%, much like the game above a total of eight full decks of cards are in play and the game rules are very easy to follow and you should master this game in no time at all.

Microgaming’s Spanish Blackjack – This game is a very interesting Blackjack variant which not only comes with a liberal set of game play rules, but a set of extra bonus payouts are awarded when you get dealt certain hand combinations, this eight deck game also has a reasonable house edge of 0.38%.

Microgaming’s Pontoon – Another Pontoon game this time from Microgaming, it has a slightly higher house edge that Playtech’s variant and as such if you have a choice the latter named game is preferable. This variant uses an eight deck shoe and has a house edge of some 0.39%.

Microgaming’s Vegas Downtown and Bonus Blackjack – These two games have identical rules in regards to the base game and as such the house edge on both of them is 0.39%. Both variants are played with two full decks of cards and when faced with a Soft 17 or a lower valued hand the dealer Hits his hand. One handy rules states that you can Double Down on any two cards.

Playtech’s Blackjack Surrender – The main attraction for many players choosing to play this Blackjack variant is that it offers a Late Surrender option, whether this may be a valuable game play rule is open to debate, however the games house edge works out at some 0.39%, so not a cost effective game to play!

Net Ent’s Standard Blackjack – At last we have found a Net Ent software powered Blackjack game to put on our listing of the best online Blackjack games! This variant uses just four decks in the shoe, and should you be playing it with perfect strategy then you can expect a house edge of 0.40%.

It is important that you have mastered the game of Blackjack you are playing if you want to get a house edge as close to the one at which that game is expected to return. One way to guarantee that you will always be playing the correct strategic moves no matter which Blackjack variant you play is by getting a strategy card for that particular game.

Among the other blackjack variants we recommend are Big Five Blackjack, Double Exposure Blackjack, European Blackjack and European REDEAL BlackjackHigh Streak Blackjack, Hi Low 13 Blackjack, Perfect Pairs Blackjack, and Super Fun 21.