Atlantic City Blackjack

One of Microgaming’s original Blackjack games is the Atlantic City game, this is quite an easy variant to play and when mastered by using perfect playing strategy you will be playing against a house edge of 0.38%. See the bottom of the article for our Atlantic City Blackjack strategy card.At the moment, we recommend that players choose Royal Vegas Casino if they want to play Atlantic city blackjackAtlantic City Blackjack

There are 8 decks of cards in use on this Blackjack game from Microgaming, and players need to be aware that all of them are shuffled before a new game is started.

What makes this game a little unique is that players can take a Surrender option and this will see them getting half of their stake back in return for giving up their hand, however this is a Later Surrender option that can only be taken after the Dealer has checked his hand for a Blackjack.

In additional to Microgaming’s standard Atlantic City game you can also play both a graphically enhanced Gold Series version of this game as well as a Multi-Hand variant. On the Multi-Hand Atlantic City Blackjack game you can play up to 5 hands per game.

Dealer Rules

Microgaming’s Atlantic City original Blackjack game is a Hole Card game, and this requires the Dealer to deal two facing upwards cards to the Player plus one face up and one face down card to his hand on the initial deal.

The Dealer will then always check his face down card to see if he is holding a Blackjack hand when his face up card is any 10 valued card or an Ace, this is known as peeking at his hand.

When the Dealer has any hand worth 17 or above in value including both Hard and Soft 17 hands, he will always Stand those hands.

Player Rules

A minimum stake of 1.00 is required to be placed on the betting box area of the layout before you can start playing, and irrespective of the value of your initial two cards you will be given the option of Doubling Down.

Players can Split any Pair or any two unalike 10 valued cards and they can Double Down a hand even after Splitting a hand. A maximum number of three Splits can be performed per game played, which obviously will result in you playing 4 hands in total.

You will only be able to Split a pair of Aces once, and if you have Split Aces then only one card is going to be dealt to each of them. A Split Ace which has been dealt a 10 valued card is not classed as Blackjack it is just a standard even money paying hand if it is a winning hand.

Late Surrender can be taken, and this is offered only after the Dealer has checked his hand for a Blackjack. If Late Surrender is taken then the Player will have half of his or her stake money returned in exchange for giving up their cards and ending the game.


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The standard set of payouts are awarded when you are playing Atlantic City Blackjack and as such a winning Player’s Blackjack hand will pay 3 to 2, a winning Insurance wager pays 2 to 1 and all other winning Player hands get paid out at odds of even money.

Tips for Playing Atlantic City Blackjack

As you can take Late Surrender when playing this Single-Hand Atlantic City Blackjack game then it is important you only make this move at the correct time only when perfect playing strategy calls for this move to be made.

When the Dealer is showing as his face up card a 9, 10 or an Ace and you have a Hard 16 then take the Late Surrender option, also if you have a Hard 15 hand and the Dealer’s up facing card is a 10 valued card then that is the only other time you should take Late Surrender.

atlanctic city blackjack strategy card