3D Mobile Roulette Game

3d mobile roulettePlaying a Roulette game on any mobile phone or tablet device can be either a very enjoyable way of playing the popular casino table game, or depending on which mobile site you are playing it at, a rather boring type of way of playing.

You see, unlike most other casino games, when you are playing Roulette you need to clearly see the entire game, as by being able to see the game unfold in front of you to get the most excitement out of it, then you can watch the ball spinning around the wheel and then dropping into one of the ball wells.

If a mobile Roulette game has poor graphics, which many of them do, then your Roulette game playing experience is going to be soured by you not being able to watch the ball spin seamlessly around the wheel, and this is where BetSoft Gaming’s Roulette game scores top marks.

Being a 3D Roulette game the graphics have been completely enhanced and as such your playing experience is going to be a first class one, and the game is as good as playing it in a land based venue, the graphics are that good!

Game Play Rules and Payouts

There are a few little differences in regards to this European Roulette game that is offered at all mobile casino sites offering BetSoft Gaming’s suite of mobile games, and one of the major differences is that this game is in fact the Hamburg variant of European Roulette.

Whilst this game has just one single zero in play on the wheel, and comes with all of the usual betting options and payouts, something unique happens whenever a zero has been spun in and you have placed a wagered on any of the even money paying locations on the betting layout.

Instead of your even money paying wagers, which could be either the Red, Black, High, Low or Odd or Even wagers losing when a zero drops in, you get half of your wagered amount on any of those betting locations paid back to you.

The result on this extra game play rule means that the house edge on this 3D Roulette game drops from the standard European Roulette games house edge of 2.70% to a much more player friendly 1.35%, and that simple fact makes it a Roulette game well worth you playing!

Roulette Table Stake Limits

You are able to place wagers totalling no more than 100.00 per spin when playing the BetSoft Gaming 3D mobile Roulette game, each betting location on the wheel has maximum stake options also.

For example you are permitted to play a maximum wager of 25.00 on any one straight up number, and if you are placing even money paying wagers such as on the Red numbers or Odd numbers the maximum permitted wager on those locations is 100.00.

The minimum permitted wager on this game is just 1.00 per spin, however the chip values can be reduced down to values of 0.25 so you can place four of these low chip wagers on the table instead of just one 1.00 wager if you are looking for a low rolling type of Roulette playing session!