3D Mobile Blackjack Game

You will probably have come across quite a varied selection of online Blackjack game variants, however when you are looking to play mobile Blackjack games you will find plenty of new Blackjack games readily available, which are a little bit different to the ones you’re used to.

One game that is well worth playing is the BetSoft Gaming powered Las Vegas Strip Blackjack game, which as the name suggests is played to the same game playing rules as are found in casinos dotted up and down the world famous Strip in the gambling Mecca that is Las Vegas.

As this Blackjack game is a 3D game then you are going to experience very good playability, thanks to enhanced and improved graphics, and as you will of course be playing on a tablet or mobile phone the controls for the game are easy to navigate around and are simple to use.

You probably do not need us to tell you that the aim of any Blackjack game is to end the game with a higher valued hand than the dealer has dealt himself, and as long as your hand does not go over a value of 21 then if it beats the dealers hand or if the dealer busts his hand then you have won.

Game Play Rules and Payouts

There are a total of three winning payouts that you can be awarded when playing this 3D Blackjack game, the first is for a standard winning hand, this pays out at odds of even money.

If you have been dealt any unmatched and therefore winning Blackjack hand, which is simply a hand that contains one single Ace alongside any ten valued card, then this is going to see your staked amount being paid out at odds of 3 to 2.

One additional payout that can be awarded is when you have opted to take the Insurance side bet wager, and if this bet is successful the amount you staked on this wager, which incidentally must be exactly half the amount of your original base game stake amount, is paid out at odds of 2 to 1.

A little tip we can give you when you are playing this 3D Blackjack game is to never take the Insurance bet when offered to you, the reason for this is simple and that is this bet has a massive house edge and as such poor value is offered when you are offered and take it!

When playing this 3D Las Vegas Strip Blackjack game variant you are allowed to split a hand just once and you can double down on a 10 or an 11 even after you have split a hand.

The Dealer is going to stand when he has a hand valued at 17 and will draw on any hand worth 16 or less in value. This is a Hole Card game which means the Dealer peeks for Blackjack when he has been dealt an Ace.

Blackjack Table Stake Limits

You should comfortably be able to afford to play this Mobile Blackjack game as the stake levels are quite modest and as such the minimum bet you can place is just 1.00 whilst for a much higher rolling type of playing session you can place a wager worth up to a maximum of 100.00 per hand.