3 Card Brag

3 card bragIf you have never come across the game of 3 Card Brag, which often goes by several different names including 3 card poker, then you have been missing out on quite a interesting and strategic type of game, and one that can now be played online. Unlike other casino card games which are based around one base game, 3 Card Brag is in fact two games in one, and as such you may opt to play either of the games individually or both of them together

As the name suggests the game is played around a hand of three cards, one set of three cards is dealt to yourself and one set of three cards are then dealt as the dealers hand and the aim is either to beat the dealers hand. When playing the second game the aim is to be dealt any hand which contains at least a pair and you will win no matter what the dealers hand is.

How to Play 3 Card Brag

Once you have launched the 3 Card Brag game from the game menu and the game has launched, then your first decision is which game you are going to play. If you wish to play the main base game then simply click on the Ante Bet and position your required amount of chips.

The Bonus Pairs bet can either be played on its own or alongside the main base game mentioned above, and to place this wager, once again click to lay your chips on to the Pairs Bonus betting box. You are now all ready to set the game in motion and this is done by simply clicking on the deal button. You will then be dealt three face up cards, and the dealer will be dealt three face down cards.

Should you have placed the Pairs Bonus wager and you have been dealt one of the listed hands on the games pay table (see below section for an overview of these payouts) then you will be paid out the respective amount. However when playing the main base game you are now faced with a decision, based on the three cards you have been dealt, and this is to either fold your hand and by doing so your stake on that one game will be lost, or you can play.

By playing the hand another bet will automatically be placed onto the table for you and then the dealers hand will be revealed. There are a set of different payouts which can be awarded should your hand beat the dealers or if the dealers hand does not qualify. To qualify this means that the dealers hand must contain at the very least one Queen or any higher valued hand.

3 Card Brag Payouts

Below are all of the payouts listed depending on what game you have chosen to play and the outcome of that particular game.

Main Game Payouts – In regards to you getting dealt a hand and the dealers hand not qualifying, should this happen then no matter what your hand is you will only get paid out at odds of even money on your Ante wager, the play bet is returned to you as a push.

Should however the dealers hand Qualify and your hand be a higher ranked hand than his then you get paid out at odds of even money on both your Ante and Play bets, however there are three different payouts awarded on the Ante bet should your hand be one of the following when the dealers hand has qualified.

Main Game Ante Bonus Payouts – If your hand is a running flush and the dealer qualifies then as long as your hand is strongest then you will get paid out at odds of 4 to 1 on the Ante bet, however if your hand is a Prial and the dealers hand is a lower ranked hand of any type but qualifies then the Ante bonus payout is 5 to 1.

Bonus Pairs Payouts – The Bonus Pairs bet pays out irrespective of what the dealers hand is, and as such you will receive the following payouts based solely on your 3 Card Brag hand. Get dealt a Pair and your Bonus Pairs bet is paid out at odds of even money. If your hand is a flush then the payout for this bet is 4 to 1.

A run will see you picking up a payout of 6 to 1, get dealt a running flush and the payout increases to a generous 30 to 1, and finally for a Prial you will pick up a payout worth 40 to 1.

Online Variants

As mentioned previously you will often find the casino card game that is 3 Card Brag being given different names depending on which software is powering the online casino at which you are playing, so look out for card games going by the name of Tri Card Poker or Three Card Poker as these games are virtually the same as the game of 3 Card Brag described above.

However one thing which you need to be aware of is that dependent on where you play 3 Card Brag or any of its other sister type games, the payouts awarded can and will vary slightly from casino to casino, and as such value can be had by you tracking down the better paying variants.

Should you have never played 3 Card Brag before and fancy trying it out, then this game is of course available to play as a free play game at most of the online casinos showcased to you on our website, simply register as a new player of that respective casino site and you will be given the option of logging in as a guest player.

Be aware that some online casinos will not permit you to play 3 Card Brag with any new player bonus you may have in your casino account, so we would always advise you to take a look at the rules of any such bonus to make completely sure it is an allowed game which can be played for real money with any such bonus you have been awarded.